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Full CD-R/CD-RW Support and Disk Spanning; Integrated ZIP compression; 128-bit encryption; Remote FTP backup

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Handy Backup - Backups Made Easy

Review: Handy Backup
Version: 4.0 Build Sept 2nd 2004
Reviewer: Womble
Provided By: Novosoft Inc
Review Date: October 2004

Positives and Negatives of Handy Backup:


  • Retailing at $30 it is a very powerful program for the cost
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Various mediums available to back up onto give a wide choice to the users
  • The automation of as many different Backup, Restore or Synchronize items as you require will be great for businesses
  • Very quick in most of the tests that I performed on the program
  • Help file is easy to read and understand. It comes complete with pictures and guides for newcomers which will make using the program easy
  • No DVD Support. With the increase of DVD burners around, this is a must for the next release
  • No CD option in the Synchronize mode. I would have felt that with either multi-session CDR’s or CDRW’s, this is an option that could have been implemented
  • The possible deletion of files in Synchronize mode would be a worry if you inadvertently put your files in the wrong directory or moved it straight to the backup folder

Next we'll take a look at my conclustions for this program...


1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Program Run Through
4. Test Machine And Data
5. Testing The Program
6. Positives And Negatives
7. Conclusions
8. Final Word

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